Thursday, 25 August 2022

Setting ourselves Free


I we are being stretched. Energetically and therefore in our body mind. Literally. This is necessary to create space. Moving from compression where density is in knots to being unravelled. The knots releasing clearing. So while this is ocurring - which some would describe as Awakening. The different parts/ aspects of ourselves are balancing while being pulled.

As the different parts/ aspects come into alignment they ‘up level’. Catch up to the resonance which other parts are energetically being and moving in.
The ego mind can go into resistance fear. And energetically this can create experiences like vertigo. Because we are being moved into higher frequencies.
After I had completed writing down a download for a project I am creating. I went to bed. And there was an instant spontaneous Soul retrieval. This image came. Which I am also sharing as I feel think know will assist others.
The image was that I was in a cage. I thought I was not part of creating this cage. Because it was a cage I assumed it was locked and I could not get out. It was rusty so I assumed it was old and I had been stuck in their for a long long time. I believed I deserved to be in there and I had grown to feel safe inside.
I then simply walked out. Even though the outside was darkness. I felt no fear. And as I immediately walked out my heart started to pound. As if I was alive for the first time. Full of energy and excitement.
I was reminded then of how the universe created a child psychotherapist job for me in a school despite not completing my qualification. Nor the job advertising for a child psychotherapist... For my child psychotherapy course my very first case study client was a nine year old boy who in the session literally climbed the walls.
After two warnings to him that he needed to get down for his safety and if not I would have to physically grab him. He carried climbing (it was amazing to watch!) I reached up and he fell into my arms. And for twenty minutes I held him in my arms cradling him. With him gazing into my eyes like a baby. The next sessions we played caring for animals all led by him. He had in one session gone from shouting extreme abuse literally climbing the walls. To the most loving gentle being. His true self.
This morning I awoke feeling a sense of peace I have not felt for a long while. Since the last 2 years. So much made sense. Energetically. And I felt the intention to place the light around my space as those around me in adjacent homes began to wake. Not out of fear. But to honour and care for the energetic field that I am choosing to be live and cocreate.
So I share this. We do not know how far we maybe on our journey nor what magical wonders are waiting. We are so held. We are courageous. We are HAVE succeeded. For all is quantum.
Love Zahara

Sunday, 2 January 2022

Choose LOVE

 As I open my Heart I open the way.
Choose choose choose in each moment. 
And in each moment we are releasing the layers that kept us down kept us small. 
We are not being selfish living our truth. 
We are showing not just ourselves but others that love is possible. 
Live your truth for ourselves and each other.

Love Always

Wednesday, 17 November 2021

2021 Year of Illumination and Revelation

2021 Year of Illumination and Revelation. Energy Ascension Update.
As with everything I share receive with LOVE that which resonates and let go with non attachment grace anything that does not. 🙂 For there are multiple truths for we are all Diversity in Unity.
I was being shown information by the Andromeda Guides about the Pineal. And how this is negatively affected by both the bug and the jab. And there are ways we can shift through this. More is being revealed and will be revealed. And that Alien Galactic Technology is and will be Key as it is 'outside' of the humanity vibration. And so can assist. And for this more and more of us are evolving - in our mind and energetically to 'hold' these technologies ways energetically. For they are Higher Vibrational. And so will be 'out of the box' in all ways.
That is also why more of us have been waking up to our Starseed energies vibrations. So we can 'take this on' and hold this. For ourselves and humanity. We will be interpreters and bridges for this technologies energies and ways of Being.
This is all about the evolution of Humanity to Unity
Consciousness. Our evolution. That our body is our brain our brain is our body. There is a unity consciousness being developed as we bring our Higher Mind online. So we can embrace our Higher Heart. Be in Unity Consciousness. Energetically. I recommend Jamye Price who shared on the Heart Expansion during this end of 2021 which I have been referring to as the melting of the collective 'Frozen Heart'
The Toroidal field is linked to this through our Breath. The Pineal drives the current of energy electricity. We are energy. We are electric. As we expand our Consiousness so our energetic field energy of Heart with MInd are in Unity with Gaia. It is the Breath of LIFE.
I was informed by my team of light in 2020 that LIGHT would escalate at the end of 2021. Which means more electricity. More Currents. More intensity. More mirroring. More clearing. More embracing everything and the LIGHT.... as well as the dark.
And this is all about how open we can be in our HEARTs. And I have just seen a video with Lee Harris saying his Z's Team have said that from now to Mid December there will be an escalated Electric Storm. Which will be amplifying and intensifying everything.
Alongside this we are in the Window of Luna and Solar Eclipses which will also be amplifying this time. Intensifying and mirroring the Masculine and Feminine. The Clearing of both these wounded aspects in us all.
I was with the polarity today and I realised that it is very simple. If we are experiencing one side if you like of the coin. We can very easily flip it. So we can experience both.
Rather than fight against being in the polarity embrace this. For we are all here to experience this. So if we feel Fear feel LOVE. If we feel Anger feel acceptance. If we feel Grief feel Joy. This is DIFFERENT. For we have been training ourselves to be able to feel both. And through this we evolve.
I then found out that in USA Scientists have been looking into drugs that are being used for depression and increasing serotonin for treatment of the bug. Because the bug through the spike protein decreases serotonin.
Serotonin is produced through our Pineal Gland.
Our Pineal Gland is the gateway to LOVE and Expanded Consciousness.
Below is the link to Dr Joe Dispenza who goes into detail about the Pineal Gland. And how we can use a particular breathing to assist the healthy function of our whole body with the Pineal.
This particular breath is what they use in Kundalini Yoga.
And Kundalini is all about Awakening Consciousness.
So everything IS connected!
So to sum up.
We are wired as StarSeeds to be natural receptors of these energies currents information technologies. This is part of the light Language Function. Expanding us physically energetically so we 'come on line' and are 'in tune' in 'resonance' Light Language has a Wider purpose. A larger service context.
We can embrace the fact that we are playing experiencing a universe of polarity. And explore expand accept all. There by evolving ourselves and our reality not just for ouselves but for the collective.
We can use the ancient knowledge of Breath Work - that Kundalini Yoga and others have to realign our bodies with the Pineal.
Finally we can take care on the water that we drink. There are different ways in which people are going by this. This is to ensure that we do not take in toxins that among other negatives calcify the Pineal.
LOVE Zahara This particular breath is what they use in Kundalini Yoga.
And Kundalini is all about Awakening Consciousness.
Everything IS connected

Love Zahara

Tuesday, 16 November 2021

Loving our Shadow

We are in a Colletive Shadow Release. So how do we navigate the 'bumps in the night' the 'skeletons in the cupboard'?
This is also described as 'Soul Retrieval' and that which felt was perceived as monstrous unlovable is hidden in the Shadow. So as and when we see and embrace them that is when our perception of them transforms. From an aspect that is feared to a wounded self which is loveable.
This aspect perceived as Monstrous is like a huge bear with a thorn in it's paw protecting itself. Locked in isolated shunned shamed. If you are brave enough and kind enough you are able to approach the bear and ask if you can pull the thorn out. And so the bear is seen heard and the pain that was hidden is then revealed and released. The bear then can show us aspects of ourselves which we also denied such as courage strength love so many gifts which were also hidden are revealed.
With LOVE Always

Saturday, 28 August 2021

We are all Rainbow Children

"Is it Black or White'' 
And you see it is rainbow coloured. 
This has been my experience since a child. 
 I wanted to say 
 "Why are you asking that question it does not make sense." 

In primary school I would sit under the table in class. I did not want to sit at tables learning stuff that though I understood did not make sense. I then went to Covent. 

The Covent had a Sacred Grotto to Mother Mary. I literally saw the Queen of Fairies. And was so happy. 
I remembering skipping among the Fairies. 
 The nuns looked at me in dismay and stopped me dancing. 

One year at the Covent each child was set the task of doing good deeds and then writing an essay about them. My parents were so dsyfunctional in so much pain they were unable to send love to themselves. Let alone be charitable to others. 
So I had no charitable deed. 

The days the weeks went on and the deadline to present an essay 
loomed closer and closer. 

 Every child did amazing charitable things. And wrote beautiful essays about them. So I made mine up. I wrote a story. I felt for sure everyone knew it was a lie. But no one said. 

The children with the best charitable deeds were given the prize of standing up in the whole school and reading them out. I so wished I had done a charitable deed. 

And my parents laughed at me and my story. 
 They did not ask why I made up the story. Or what the story was about. 

 For me as a child so much was a lie. What was the difference between a story and a lie. I realised questions were in fact set answers. 
 I did not see the point in learning set answers to the set answers. 
 It was all a game. 

 I did try fitting in for many many years. Until I realised not fitting in was is a blessing. That nearly everyone else feels they do not fit in. That everyone else was pretending. 

 Now I am with others who are no longer pretending. 
Who are daring to BE questions with no set answers. 

Who are unravelling. Unravelling the lies. 

And are singing the rainbow As rainbow children.

Monday, 9 August 2021

Moving from Emergency to Peace

The 8:8 for me was gentleness ease grace PEACE. It was not about drama. It was not about doing anything that needed complex ritual.
As I walked the weather reflected this with such softness. I was with my Gem and nature and the Sun rays. The Beauty and Wonder that is.
At the end of the walk a man ran past and on that back of his T-Shirt was an image Sacred Geometry in Circle with Lion's head in the Centre of the Circle.
I woke this morning with so much Joy and Light. With so much Gratitude. A sense of Well BEing.
The Festival I am calling in at Monmouth has so many people who offer a range of modalities offerings who are coming together I think for the first time in Monmouth. So much healing celebration connections will be co created.
And then I hear what is occurring in Australia which felt heartbreaking. I reached out to a dear one who has retreated since the Global situation. Where they are is in contrast energetically to me. And this felt heartbreaking aswell.
We are incredible times. Where the personal connections are being torn apart as are the global ones. This is a very real expression of the paradigm divisive energy which humanity has been living in for long long time.
Individuals groups have shined another way and yet the divide has always been there. The push pull. And now this way of separation density is being illuminated personally and collectively.
For me I needed to grieve to have this held and witnessed. To let this go. For this to be voiced and not silenced. So that the energy could flow.
The grieving of experiencing this intimately in relationship and globally. This is how we 'join the dots' experience the connections.
The polarisation is an energy and can be held on 'both sides of the argument'. The Argument any disagreement can seem very real. We literally energetically go into opposition. We 'take it personally'.
And it is so very real.
For it is tragic for those who have died from the Virus and for those who are close to them. And for those who have not been able to be physically there with them when they died.
It is also tragic for those who have died and those dear to them who have had the jab. It is ALL heartbreaking. And it is not a competition on what is worse or who is to blame. For it is all painful. We are ALL doing what we feel is right for us and others.
So how do we hold ourselves each other with so much pain. When the political global systems are in states of emergency acting without thinking. When so much is being silenced.
And so we become attached. One side is right one side is wrong. One side is good one side is bad. Someone must be to blame. There must be an easy way out. For when we are triggered we want an easy answer solution.
So we have seen the two sides in division. As in to have the jab or not. And both sides can feel life threatened by the other. This is what has and does create Wars.
For when we believe and therefore feel lives are threatened our systems be that personally physically or globally go into flight fight freeze. The thing is we need those systems in states of emergency. And these states need to be blunt and reactive so we literally can respond quickly. Without thinking. Without lengthy investigation or debate. This is part of being animal nature physical. This is needed.
However there is a majority of humanity which have been in this state of alert for over a year and a half. Energetically this has and is and will need addressing in order to enable a shift and to heal.
As individuals and collectively we need to shift from this state of emergency and move into another mode of being.
And for me this is why I feel Lightworkers need to have had the jab and not have had the jab. We are all needed to be resonating the LIGHT in ALL places. On all 'sides of the argument' in order to dissolve the false paradigm.
It is KEY to be able to see the wider picture energetically. To be able to be non attached to our thoughts emotions feelings. To move out of this trigger. In order to move out of this argument - we will be shifting from being resonating in ALL opposition arguments Wars.
Being able to witness observe compassionately. Is so needed. Is the life affirming loving way. For this way creates energies that enable sustain embrace light hearted healthy environments energies possibilities creations.
We see different ways choices options. We move out of 'either or' to one of inclusitivity and a holistic approaches. Of Peace harmony healing grace and Love.
In order to do this we need safe spaces to release the emotions. To allow the feelings to be expressed. The energies to flow. Then we can let go of the mind which instals the reality. KNOWING this is the process is the KEY.
And the other KEY is through allowing the grief we let go we surrender that which we are holding onto.
And so I hold this tender hearted space of PEACE. Through gentleness we find strength.
With LOVE to you all. I LOVE you. We have this.

Tuesday, 11 May 2021

Sacred Sound

 Sacred Sound

All life is movement all movement is energy and energy creates sound. Resonates. Sound is the Meaning of Life. All is in Divine Communication. If you wish to understand any all communication listen to the energy.

We are flooded by sounds some of which we do not hear through our 3D Human ears. Some sounds we have been trained and train ourselves to filter out.
For instance we know that there are radio waves filling the environment which we do not hear but are there. There are animals on land and ocean that hear sense feel sounds which are beyond our 3D range. And yet our bodies are feeling ALL these ALL the time.
It is therefore vital that we take ourselves out of the human energy fields into natural environments so we our systems can resonate within the Divine Natural field.
When we do this we allow our energies to realign. Come into Harmonic Resonance. We are able to Hear to FEEL again. For it is safe to do so. We do not need to numb dial down. De-sensitise.
This is why Sound Healing is so powerful. We feel it. We have knowing access to experiences knowledge beyond the human mind understanding. We FEEL it.
Sound is not just heard it is felt. For Sound is energy. Life Creation. In the beginning was Sound.
If you wish to understand the deepest and lightest of communication listen to the sound. The notes. The volumes.
When you hear yourself and others speak feel the resonance the vibration the tone. Tune into your body and feel the communication.

Go out into Natural settings and feel the sounds.
Feel through your feet. Through you skin.
Feel the vibration in your body.
Feel watch sense the sounds moving closer further.
When a butterfly flies by close hear the sound of her wings.
When a caterpillar moves on the earth hear the sound of her feet.
When the wind moves the leaves tune into the tree and feel what that tree hears.
Feel the memories of the wind the carries the sounds of all beings across mother Earth.
With all sounds feel them rippling beyond earth.
Feel the sound of the Sun.
Feel the sound of the Earth.
Feel the sound of the Moon.
Feel the sound of the Stars.

LOVE Zahara

Thursday, 1 April 2021

Surrendering into the Flow of the Divine Now

There is and always been and always will be a DIVINE purpose to all Creation all life. There are MULTI layers of meaning for the many beings human beings. We are all interlinked. We are not isolated humans haphazardly bumping up against one another! It is not our minds choosing singularly what happens next. We can believe that we are going along on our own individual paths. Making decisions from our own lives and yet that is not all that is occurring!
We can have ideas on what Healing looks like for ourselves individually and collectively. Ones that fit our beliefs or judgements. Ones that are convenient. Ones that are clearly set out that we have control over. However healing is a gift and dissolves ideas beliefs stagnant emotions in ways that might be unexpected and not yet experienced realised understood by all of our selves.
So this is part of our journey to experience. To Live and FEEL in the body. Through each now moment. When we share with each other our journey our story of our experience through the words. We are sharing more energetically. For all is energy.
And the invitation that we are being gifted collectively now is for all of humanity to witness together a collective healing. Core fears that were hiding in the shadows are being revealed literally and energetically through Light and Love. The collective which is all of us are being gifted this experience so we can heal collectively. 
A Collective Soul Retrieval.
We can describe this also as awakening ascension. Rebirth or even reboot in to expanded evolved consciousness. New Earth or 5D. For it is part of our natural process to be in harmony health resonance. And it is not a going back it is part of our growth and evolution.
Because it is on this collective grand scale it can feel massive. At times maybe insurmountable. We can find ourselves wondering how are we going to get through this either individually or collectively. For the core fears need to be experienced collectively to be released understood healed. And for those core fears to be felt many are needing to be pushed. And this is the part of creation. Pressure. Chaos. 

And alongside these pushes which come in ways of challenges which our mind ego often see as 'things going wrong' ~ these shifts transformations healing come through magical wondrous ways that are unexpected even miraculous. And these experiences come through more frequently as we learn to trust and surrender. And LOVE. Loving all experiences. Loving all our selves. BEing with in the flow. Being in the flow in the NOW.
As individuals we have been experiencing these magical occurrences on the increase as we evolve and awaken. For all of ourselves come on line. Come into alignment. We are in 'the zone'. 

So here we are now we are experiencing this push which is the Collective Soul awakening. We are moving our soul observation from the individual micro to the collective Macro into the Metaphysical. All that we have learnt on the individual and within small groups we know also applies for the Collective

So as we experientially understand that we are interconnected we can shine a light for ourselves and each other. Our Souls have known that we have been training for this time. 

Creation life is diversity expanding. And the ways in which we are individually and collectively exploring are vast and infinite. There is a Hearts intelligence which is DIVINE. Step by step and sometimes in leaps. We are embodying Divine which is US more and more.

We are surrendering into the unknown which is the Divine infinitely expanding. We are letting go of the mind belief of control and limitation. We are now in the Collective push into the Leap of Faith into the unknown.

We are Courageous. We are held. We are LOVED.